Train to Nowhere

It’s that time of the year again. Tis the season to be…stuck. The last of autumns leaves on the lines. Frozen rails. Failed signalling. Broken rails. Delayed trains. The unavoidable consequence of the never ending...

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A New Dawn

I’m not a fan of early mornings. Especially ones that start before 6am and have an hour long drive right at the beginning of the day. But when there’s a view of a sunrise across a sandy bay, somewhere along a...

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The Trouble With Trump

The United States is a strange old country. I suspect it’s a bit strange for Americans  looking at the place from within. I am fairly certain that it’s an even stranger place for those of us from other parts of the...

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Season’s End

Measuring the coming and going of the seasons should be a near enough exact science. According to the calendar, autumn begins on September 22nd. My preference is to allocate seasons into more organised three month blocks. Winter...

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iPhone 7

Every year, I upgrade my iPhone to the latest model. Like clockwork. A digital, Apple inspired clock, of course. In fact, my calendar reads iPhoneber in between August and October. This years upgrade isn’t the most exciting...

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Yesterday’s Syria

I don’t watch an awful lot of TV. When I do, it has to be good, or I’ll switch off. Mentally first, then with the remote. I want to be entertained or informed. Or both. I like my imagination to be tickled with...

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Home, Bitter Sweet, Home

Over the last couple of decades, my trips abroad have followed a simple theme. Some new city or country, last minute packing and a brief read up with my Lonely Planet guidebook about the destination whilst flying. My hotel/...

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The Mayapan Video Tour

I’ve already taken you to Mayapan, courtesy of a 360 panorama. I shot some video too. So let’s go back and have another look at the place. The video was shot on my now departed iPhone 6s and edited in iMovie in all...

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Independence Day

It used to amuse me when Mexicans asked when we have Independence Day in the UK. Because we didn’t have one. Now that I’m living in the UK, I’m no longer asked the question. Which is a good thing, because the...

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Let’s play a game. It’s a word game. Specifically, it’s a ‘guess the word’ game. Yes, you do get a clue. The clue is this brief story. There was an ‘incident’, which I mentioned in a...

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