TEFL Training

The course is over and I passed the exam with an A!! Woohoo! Well to be honest it wasn’t that hard. And it does make me laugh a little, thinking of all the teachers in the UK who spend thousands getting their degree so that they can teach a bunch on unruly brats in a cold and miserable country, when really they just needed to spend a few hundred pounds and two weeks, and can live somewhere warm instead! ‘Course, it’s not quite as simple as that, seeing as their degree qualifies them to work all over the world with slightly higher wages, but still..!

It was quite a long second week, with 14 hour days including travel time, but even so it was easy peasy and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of travelling and working at the same time. They will find me a job too, which makes it all worthwhile, but I won’t be looking for a job for a month yet. Tomorrow (Saturday) we are off to Acapulco for a long weekend away, and return on Tuesday evening with just a few hours to pack before heading off to Chicago on Wednesday morning for a 4 week break.

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