I love my laptop! Here I am at 35,000 feet on American Airlines building my website en route to Chicago! It has it’s drawbacks though…..while I have been absorbed with typing my journal out, Paola has taken advantage and eaten my chocolate in my in flight snack pack.

Anyway, we had a pretty hectic evening. Despite the fact we had just a few hours to pack, Paola insisted that we clean the house first, even though we won’t be in it for 4 weeks! It’s Latin madness I tell you! And even after all that, I was awoken by her dad re-cleaning the floor at 6 am. Man, a dog has to crap on the carpet at home to convince me to get a hoover out, and even then I would be tempted to leave it in the hope one of the other dogs will just eat it!

I am going to have to buy a spare battery for my laptop though, because they don’t hold their power for long enough. Not long enough for me anyway!

So Chicago next stop, in about 3 and a half hours!

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