Depeche Mode In Mexico City

It’s a bit weird being a Brit in Mexico City sometimes. Depeche Mode have been going a long time, and have a reasonable cult following in the UK, but they are hardly superstars. I did a blog on music in Mexico a while ago, and mentioned how popular Brit music is here.

And Depeche Mode especially. Fringe they might be back home – here they are superstars. They played the first of two nights here at the Foro Sol arena last night – and I went to see!

To be honest, I like a few of their songs, but haven’t ever gone so far as to buy an album. So I didn’t have the enthusiasm I might show at a Pink Floyd show! But they did rock, and it was a great performance, not least because the atmosphere was awesome. Funny how most Mexicans can’t speak English, but can recite musical hits word perfect – not a single pronunciation error during the prolonged Enjoy the Silence chorus!

They are worth the entry if they are coming to a city near you anyway.



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