Leonardo Da Vinci

If there is one piece of art you cannot escape from in Mexico City, it’s this one…


It’s everywhere. Prints to hang on your walls, wooden carvings to hang keys from, rugs, table mats. You name it, and if they can put a picture on it, you’ll see it there. Dan Brown and his Da Vinci Code has done absolutely nothing to diminish its visibility whatsoever!

Da Vinci himself has come to Mexico City, although needless to say I am talking about his work, not his bones. My favourite museum here is Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, tucked in a street behind the cathedral in the zocalo, which regularly has some excellent exhibitions, the most recent of which that I went to see was Mariana Yampolsky.

Leonardo’s exhibition concentrates on his music, and is well worth the visit. Free on Tuesdays! We didn’t go on a tuesday. We went on a Sunday and had to pay the 30 peso entry fee. Still it was worth it, and we might buy an annual membership card for 200 pesos and get free entry and other goodies every day!

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