Miracle Cure!

It’s just passed 10 years since I first got a few patches of psoriasis show up on my scalp. And for most of those ten years I have used Cocois, an oily cream, to treat it. When I first used it, it was a wonder cream in itself. It was messy, smelly, had to be left on all night and took ages to apply and wash out. It left my skin sore and red for a day or two…but it did get rid of the psoriasis for a week or three! Considering it had taken more than a year to find something that worked at all….

My supply of Cocois, despite very careful use, ran out a couple of months ago, and it can’t be found in Mexico. Just as my psoriasis was getting critical, along came Aceite Capilar, otherwise known in English as ‘Hair Oil’! What does it contain? For all I know a combination of dog urine, battery acid and maybe a pinch of Polonium 210….

What I do know is that its dead easy to apply and remove, being a liquid, and got rid of all the scaling on my scalp with ease the next morning. No sore skin, no smell, no probs! Cool!


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