Naked Mexicans

Sunday saw a rather unusual event in Mexico City. Early in the morning, thousands of people gathered to strip naked for a photo in the Zocalo, arranged by Spencer Tunick. Who is famous, so I’m told. A quick search on the net shows that he does indeed arrange naked photos all over the world.

I would have gone up there to get a few snaps myself of the big event, but it was way too early in the morning. And it seems it’s just as well I didn’t bother. Apparantly the whole area was cordoned off, with only the participants allowed through. Even the metro ran straight though, not stopping at Zocalo station.

So I did a search of the net to see if I could find a photo somewhere, but alas, no joy. Typing in ‘Naked Mexicans’ into Google does return quite a few results, but not quite what I was looking for! So I found another one of Spencer Tunick’s efforts to fill the void until I can find the one I want.


Edit: Found lots of photos in El Universal, one of Mexico’s most famous newspapers.

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