Tanks in Town

And continuing my theme of general violence for today…Mexico has been having a terrible time with the drug cartels who are exporting cocaine and other drugs across the border into the US. Hundreds died last year – journalists, civilians, police and plenty of drug dealers who have been fighting amongst themselves. According to some reports up to 90% of the cocaine that reaches the US comes across the Mexican border, although I suspect this figure originates from right wing US figures keen on justifying the wall they are building along the border.

But still, it’s undoubtably a big business and President Calderon has made it a top priority. To the point that he has sent thousands of troops into towns that have become cartel hotspots. This isn’t entirely popular with the general public, though, and when you watch the video below, and imagine it happening in your town, you might empathise. It’s more like Iraq…

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