There are so many web based image editors coming online, some of which are better than other. I tested Graphita  today and it was ok. More appealing to younger people I guess. And girls! You can add lots of bells and whistles to your image, send it to many different online photo sharing sites, or download it to your desktop. But no frames or edges, sadly…

Ultimately, Picnik is still the best in my opinion, not least because it integrates with Facebook.



  • Opera should work fine with 128mbs! Although I've been tinkering with Firefox again lately. I wish Opera would open up to a few extensions…. It's thin, so I can fit lots of ads on the sides! Click on my ads Don, make me so money!

  • OK, voted again. Now with Opera browser on my Lap Toshiba. Lets seehow it works, this one only has 128 MB RAM. So far, so good.¿Why is your blog so thin in here?Abrazos, DonYan

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