Wonderful Widgets

I’ve been playing with my Blogger account for a few days, and I have to say the customisation is a pain in the arse. But a little perserverance and I got there in the end. The widgets you can install on a Blogger blog are endless ( Widgetbox) as you can see from my Blogger blog. Two useful ones I’ve put on have pop ups that show a thumbnail of any external links, whilst the other, when you double click a word, brings up info about that word. 

On the downside, my Flickr embedded widget doesn’t work in Firefox. I’ve been playing with Firefox too, and it’s all come back to me why I don’t use it. Install a few of the useful extensions, and the browser starts to breakdown… It has to be said though, that one or two of the widgets, including Answers, doesn’t work in Opera. In fact, gulp, the only browser it ALL works in is IE7… Remeber to click my Adsense links! I’ve earned over $4 now…woohoo!


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