¡Ask a Mexican!

Dear Mexican,
The current clothing trend is for ladies to wear low-cut jeans and belly shirts that expose their midriffs. That looks great on a hard-bodied woman, so why do so many fat Mexican mujeres insist on dressing like this? It’s one of the grossest things imaginable. Their gut hangs over their pants and pushes their shirt up. Many times they have stretch marks, which make it even worse. I can’t believe they look in the mirror and think they look attractive. What gives?
Fat Is Malo

That comes from a link forwarded to me by an online amigo, and I must confess, although it is a little mean, it did make me laugh! There is some truth in it! I do see a lot of girls (and they aren’t necessarily always ugly!) exactly as described, and I have often wondered about their choice of clothing.

But before any Mexican readers get upset, you should read the reply, look at the cultural context, and bear in mind that I know there are plenty of hard bodied, drop dead gorgeous Mexican chicas who are closer to the US/UK marketed version of ‘attractiveness’!

The story also features an image that I stole off the web many years ago to use as my avatar – now I know where it comes from! Props to Mark Dancy, who hopefully won’t sue 🙂

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