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I’ve passed the $100 dollar target I set myself, so a few turtles will avoid ending up in a soup bowl. But no need for me to stop there! Every buck counts. Or pound. Or peso. Whatever it is where you come from. But I know that most people who visit my blog won’t know me personally, and are probably gonna be a bit wary about sending cash to a stranger! A strange stranger at that….



I have a solution! Donate to Wildcoast directly through their website, and if you feel so inclined you can then send me a message or comment on this post – I’ll add the amount to my total as an indirect sponsorship.


Click here to go to Wildcoast’s Donation Page

Tomorrow I will post to reveal all about the Grand Turtle Derby! If that doesn’t get a dollar outta your wallet, nothing will!


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  • Hey Gary,Thank you for your support. Please let me know the list of people that you have recieved your donation from. I am the Development Manager at WiLDCOAST and we would love to thank them for their support.Sam ShahDevelopment ManagerWiLDCOAST

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