Climb any mountain

Well, not any mountain. In fact, not a plain old boring mountain at all. My next big adventure plan type thingy, once Sunday’s Metro Marathon is done and dusted, is to climb a volcano, Iztaccíhuatl. It’s a pretty big old beast – 5320 metres above sea level. That makes it the third highest peak in Mexico – second highest is PopocatĂ©petl which is 100 metres higher, and right next door, but unclimable as it’s very much a live volcano. For comparison, Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe is a mere 4808 metres, whilst the UK’s Ben Nevis is a seriosuly feeble 1344 metres. For me to be at the same height as Ben Nevis right now, I’d have to leave Mexico City and descend about 1,300 metres!

So I have some planning to do. I’ve downloaded all the literature from the websiteof the national park, that the volcano lies in. November sounds good to me. Maybe. We’ll see. It doesn’t seem so hard! But maybe I really should quit smoking first…

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