I want. I need. I must have…

A few weeks ago my life suffered a terrible blow. A real, life altering disaster of unprecedented proportions. The battery of my Archos AV440 Pocket Video Player died. And the battery isn’t an easily replaceable model – it’s a foil covered cell pack type thing. I know what you are thinking…this isn’t a disaster on the scale of the 2004 Tsunami, 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina. And I guess it isn’t, but still. I use (used) my Archos a lot. 20 hours of weekly metro and bus travel passes so much quicker when I can watch the latest episode of the Bill, Match of the Day or Top Gear. I need a new Archos. The latest models are awesome – touch screen, WiFi and an Opera browser for surfing the web. Apple may have it’s new iPod Touch coming to the market, and it might look swish, and it will probably sell better – but it’s a second rate product compared to an Archos 605. It costs a $100 more and for what? A smaller screen, half the memory capacity, limited playback options, fewer features

Amazon.com: ARCHOS 605 WiFi Portable Media Player (30GB): Electronics


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