A New World Record – sort of!

I set off again today to raise money for the turtles of Mexico, after yesterday’s effort was quickly aborted due to a line closure. No stations closed today though, and I completed it in a time of….well, it took a little longer than I had anticipated! From start to finish, 10 hours and 11 minutes. Ouch. I do have some stupid ideas sometimes! It’s a little late now for me to be posting my route, photos and details – that’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Ok, just one photo…

To be honest, the metro was surprisingly quiet and devoid of good photo ops. I got a few reasonable snaps but nothing special. Which was disappointing. Such is life. And would you believe it – having returned after such an ordeal, raising money for turtles, I sat down in front of the telly just in time to watch some geezer kill and eat a turtle! Not very nice at all….I shall be complaining to the Discovery channel!!

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