Oaxaca for Christmas!

The decision has been made, and the hotel booked! I have two weeks off for Christmas this year (I know – how will I cope with so little when the last 2 years I’ve had 3 weeks off!) and as we can’t really afford to go to Milwaukee we’ve had to choose somewhere closer to home.

We have been to Oaxaca City before, two years ago when Paola had a couple of Frenchies visit for a holiday. But it was just a two day stop that was part of a long tour around the south west of the country – this time we have five days to do some proper exploring. One place we didn’t get to visit last time was Hierve el Agua, which was one of my 16 candidates for Mexico’s 7 Wonders a while back. It looks spectacular in print, hopefully it will look even more so close up. The place we are staying looks nice too. La Villada Inn Hostal is about 15 minutes drive from the city, which is fine by me! Peace and quiet with stunning mountain views, clean air and a WiFi connection for my laptop! Okay, Paola may not let me bring my laptop….


  • Just can’t be bothered with the long drive! Besides, Oaxaca has so much. Food included as you say. Tlayudas here I come!

  • Oaxaca City…great choice. No beach this year?

    I haven’t been down to Oaxaca in several years now. Well overdue for a visit. Fabulous food I miss most.

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