Christmas, Mercados and Poinsettias

There is a massive mercado fairly close to my home. I really do mean massive. Think of the biggest Asda/Wal Mart you have even seen. Imagine something at least 10 times, if not 20 times the size. Massive. I’ve only been there a couple of times, not least because it’s too easy to get lost! But it’s Christmas, and we are feeling Christmassy already, so time to do a little shopping.

To go with the decorationswe’ve bought, I’ve done a festive banner for my blog. Likey? I don’t care if it is November still…if supermarkets can put their tinsel up, so can I. Next on the list are some poinsettias, to replace the Day of the Dead flowers which are rapidly dying….poinsettias come from Mexico, by the way! Not a native of the UK.

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