Obrador's Cathedral Party

Any tourists arriving in Mexico City for a sightseeing holiday today are in for a small disappointment. The Metropolitan Cathedral, an enormous and imposing landmark in the very centre of the city is closed, for the time being at least. All because a bunch of protesting hooligans thought it would be a good idea to run inside and go on the rampage. Idiots.

To be fair, I don’t see why Obrador should take the blame, although they were his supporters, and the Mexican press will almost certainly use the incident to taint his image a little bit more. I’m no fan of Obrador but nor am I terribly anti-Obrador – Mexican politics isn’t really any of my business. He has taken his whining and sulking for losing the Presidential election too far, generally speaking. But, in a country where passions do tend to run high and boil over (see APPO of Oaxaca!), his demonstrations and rallies have been remarkably peaceful. The odd incident, sure, but considering the scale of his support and the size of his events, there’s been very little to write about.

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