Tapetes and Mezcal

On the return from Mitla we stopped at a few more places of interest. First up was a quaint little town famed for its hand woven wool rugs, made in time honoured tradition with natural dyes. I managed to get involved in a very broken Spanish conversation with a bench full of Mezcal sipping locals, who offered me a small plastic cup of their favourite brew. It’s fire breathing stuff – just a few sips needed to get your cheeks feeling a little warm. It also prompted me to launch into a five minute diatribe, explaining why Maradona is the world’s number one scumbag.


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Having bought a bunch of wool coasters, made I presume for tight or poor tourists like us (we are both tight and poor!) we made off to a Mezcal factory for a tour of the place to see how it’s made. We missed the tour, but at least got to sample a few of the many different varieties on offer. And to see some of the strange drinking vessels (at least that’s what I assume they are) that you can buy to drink your purchased Mezcal from. You’ll have to look out in the photos (again, click below!) to see if you can spot the items in question…

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