Turtle Emergency

A few weeks ago Mr Patel the turtle had a very unfortunate trip to the garden. We thought after his warm bath and wash that he’d be fine, but within a day or two he developed a white patch on his neck. Almost certainly a fungus caught from the soil. So I’ve been treating it for the last few weeks with some antibiotic drops and warm water. But it just wouldn’t go away, and we were debating when to take him to the vet when suddenly his small white patch turned really nasty looking.


I’m hoping that actually it is just a stage of ‘getting better’ with the fungus coming off, but it looks too nasty to take a chance on that being the case. It looks very raw, and there is a chance of blood poisoning setting in if he isn’t treated. So we’re off to take the little thing to the vet. Not bloody cheap, a visit to the vet – 300 pesos just to see him.

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