The Thinner Blue Line

Mexico suffers from a weight problem. All those greasy tacos washed down with gallons of Coca Cola – Mexicans drink more of the fizzy stuff per capita than any other nation. Apparently more than two thirds of Mexicans are overweight, and a third of those obese. That, according to a quick bit of mental arithmetic, means there are more than 20 million fatties waddling about in stretched t-shirts with burst jean buttons. Yeah, I know, I’m being unkind. But I drink as much coke and eat as many tacos as anyone and never put on so much as an ounce, so I do enjoy rubbing it in!

The biggest offenders though, are the police. You’re more likely to see them feasting on fast food at a roadside stall than chasing criminals. That’s probably because most of them can’t chase criminals. Not for more than five metres anyway. The solution? Yep, a Mexican City is proposing to pay their cops to shed a few kilos. US $9 for every kilo. I am picturing the town of Aguascalientes right now – every policeman as we speak is probably downing buckets of KFC chicken to fatten themselves up – maximise potential earnings. Maybe…


Senor Wiggum

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  • Glad you like my blog! Without doubt the Mexico I see as a foreigner is different to the Mexico seen by a Mexican. No two Mexico’s are quite the same!

  • It amazes me how Mexico, seen through the eyes of a foreign person, seems more strange and more funny 😛 And I even learn things I didn’t know about! Wonderful blog 😉

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