The Vegas Shortlist

I have now narrowed the decision down to three hotels, based on price, reviews and location – it’s gotta be on the Strip! I had had the Luxor at the top of the list, but there were so many negative reviews from people who’ve stayed there that it’s off the menu. I can always walk over to it for a few photos anyway!


So which ones? The Paris, New York New York and Monte Carlo hotels are the lucky three. My personal favourite is the New York, but the tight swines want a $300 deposit up front! All of them can be had for about $800, give or take, for a 6 night stay. That’s just for the room, because I’ll book a multi trip flight from Mexico to Chicago, to Las Vegas and then back to Mexico City without haveing to return to Chicago. I only save about $50 doing it all seperately, but we’ll save half a day extra flying and a whole load of aggravation!


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