A Date with Destiny

The date, time and location have been set in stone. Today I phoned up the Milwaukee County Courthouse and booked our wedding in their registry office. It was actually surprisingly easy. No deposit required, our names have simply been put down and we were given instructions on what to do.

Which I will record here, so that I don’t forget. Or rather, to have a record to look up when I do forget in a couple of days time! The time and date are 3pm on the 8th August. It all sounds very easy. We go to Room 105 to do the paperwork, present our marriage license and pay the $100 fee. Then on up to Room 400 for the ceremony. In, say I do, sign on the dotted line and then out again! Cool! And then off to party. Where? That hasn’t been decided yet. In fact that’s the next task on the ‘To Do List’ Really, it’s the last thing on the list.


Another view of the Milwaukee County Courthouse

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