Rain, rain, go away…

I read a post on another blog the other day with the theme ‘You know you’ve lived in Mexico too long when…’. An obvious one at the moment is that the four days of cloud and rain we’ve had is really, really, really depressing. Especially for my turtles, who live for the sun. Where is the sun? It seems like ages since last I saw it. How will I ever cope with England’s 300 days of cloud, rain and general greyness when I one day go back?!?!

The weather really has been foul by Mexico City standards – I’m sure it’s due to Arthur or some other tropical storm. The hurricanes and storms that batter the Caribbean and Pacific coasts never do make the central highlands, but we do seem to get a few days of crappy weather shortly after they hit.

And the worse thing is, because the drainage system is so crap, the roads quickly become flooded. Sometimes just with rain water. Sometimes with extra ingredients dragged up for the sewers. Nice. This photo came from Cuatro Caminos this morning where I was prevented from continuing my journey by a literal river of water than rose about the 6″ kerbs and flooded the pavements.


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