Fame At Last!

My blog and I, believe it or not, made it onto UK national TV yesterday! Oh yes, this will indeed be a tale of just how sad and desperate I can be for a minute or so of fame! If you follow my blog you might remember a post I wrote a couple of weeks back called BB In Vegas all about my bumping into two (by then evicted) housemates from the current series. In Las Vegas, of course. What sort of blogger wouldn’t post the photo??!!

To cut a long story short, I got a few emails from producers of Big Brother’s Little Brother – a signed general release form later, along with my phone number and there I was, by phone anyway, on the show…with my blog! How cool and sad all at the same time! You need proof? Here’s a few screenshots…

Update…someone actually posted it on YouTube, and I’ve uploaded the photos to Flickr.



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