Huichapan's Independence Day

Independence Day in Huichapan is always great, even if the heavens opened a unleashed a torrent of rain this year! We were reasonably lucky though…it stopped an hour before the Grito, which was at 11pm, and held off till we got back to the hotel!

A weekend of barbacoa, carnitas, fireworks and a visit to Paola’s grandparents who lived nearby – very relaxing! What a shame the day didn’t go so well elsewhere – grenades were thrown into the crowds in Michoacan state killing seven people and injuring hundreds. No one has claimed responsibility, but given that it happened in the heart of drug bandit country, and that it is President Calderon’s home town….draw your own conclusions.

Still, the celebrations in Huichapan were undisturbed by terrorists, idiots, hooligans and even the rain, thankfully. I made a little video of the main event! Photos, needless to say, will follow.


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