The 2008 Turtle Derby

More turtle silliness. Last year, for no great reason other than wanting to do a video of my turtles, I made a little competition for my little green shelled friends who live out on the patio – The 2007 Turtle Derby. A race from one end of the patio to the other. It was quite funny! So I’ll do it again, although this year with an altogether classier soundtrack than Benny Hill’s theme tune!


Will Bob be able to defend his crown in the 2nd Annual Turtle Derby? Will Baby manage to cross the line this year instead of turning round and belting off in the opposite direction? Will Mr Patel look to improve having been disqualified last year for climbing over a wall? Or can the newbie, Floracita, recently recovered from her respiratory infection, triumph in her first Turtle Derby?

Only time will tell! Pick a winner! All will be revealed on September 30th….


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