Freedom 2008

As you may have noticed, I take rather a lot of photos. And then upload them to Flickr, to share and keep for posterity. Flickr has a pretty good community going for it as well, and there are regular themes and things going on.

At the end of October, London’s largest photo festival takes place and Flickr have opened a Freedon 2008 Group to collect a whole load of photos around the concept of Freedom. Some of them will be shown at the show. What does Freedom mean exactly? Well the dictionary has a meaning that applies to concepts rather than photos, so it’s a bit tricky.

I can upload a maximum of 5 photos to the group and I can’t make my mind up which ones. Seeing as I’ve never used Bloggers Poll feature before, now seems a good time. Of all the photos in the slideshow below, which are your five favourites? Select 5, click the Vote button and your work here is done! I thank you!

If you want to enter a few photos yourself, then go to Flickr’s Freedom 2008 Group.


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