A New Temple

I do like architecture, be it modern, ancient, colonial or a mix of two or three of them. A new building in Mexico City has just been finished and is ready to start accepting the general public for guided visits, and it really is a strange one. It’s the the new temple for the Church of Latter Day Saints, which has drawn heavily on Mayan design and style.

I know, I’m not one for visiting churches or other godly buildings in a religious context, but they often do make for the most incredible architecture. And I have to say, from the photos I’ve seen, this is no exception. It’s only open to the public for a short while apparently – 20th October to 8th November. So if I’m going to make it and grab a few photos I’d better be quick! I’ve found no details on whether there is an entrance fee, but if you’re interested their web site has the address.



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