Weekend of the Dead

I know…technically Day of the Dead should be one day, hence the word ‘Day’ in the name. But it never is. And this year, as it’s fallen on the weekend, it’s been a particularly long weekend, with things kicking off on Friday evening, and being dragged out through Sunday too. I say dragged out, but I really don’t mind. Day of the Dead is my favourite Mexican festival. Even if it is based around supernatural beliefs that rather fly over my head!

You can’t go into a shop, business, town square, hotel or any other place containing human life without finding an Ofrenda – a decorated table of food and drink, which is an offering to the dead. An offering? that’s the wrong word really. the dead are fully expected to make their way to their banquet. It would be considered quite rude of them not to turn up. It is their special day after all!

The biggest display, as always, was in the Zocalo, but there are plenty of elaborately decorated places open to the public. I briefly visited the Zocalo on Friday when it was a little quieter, and equally briefly on Saturday when the square was packed to bursting point.

Although it has to be said these celebrations are only little fun warm ups for the real thing….but that’s another post!



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