The Mexile 2008

I wrote recently about the idea of making a book out of my Flickr photos using blurb’s book making service. And I did it! Nearly 80 pages of photos from Mexico City, Oaxaca and Hidalgo, all taken within the last year.

Wanna buy a copy? No, probably not. Unless you’re really interested in Mexico City I guess. On my sidebar to the right is a Blurb badge and you can go have a peek at a preview, or just to splash out and buy it. The cost? Softcover is $24.95, Hardcover with a dust jacket is $35.95 or $37.95 for an Image Wrap hardcover.

Blurb does give me the facility to set my own price and pocket the profit, but they pay by cheque through the mail. Which is too much trouble for me! So I left the prices at the base cost.


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