The Mexile Panoramas

I was just so impressed with my first efforts at VR panoramic photography. More so with the potential and possibilities than the actual quality of my first efforts it has to be said. But still. It’s something I can see myself doing a lot more, and so I decided I needed a special website for it. A blog platform doesn’t really lend itself to panoramic photography, and I’m too tight to go and actually pay for webspace. So I looked to see what you can get for free.

Things have come a long way since last I looked at free webspace. Limited, advert ridden, unreliable. All polite words of understatement that applied back then. I have to say the offerings available at the moment are far more generous. I opted for Byethost, and am still astonished at what you get. Others offer more than the 250mb space, but it’s more than enough for me. You get a pretty good control panel and best of all a reasonable domain name. Usually you end up with The I got is much better.

But anyways, I designed a little site quickly, to host these panoramas that I have and will create. How does it look? I’ve tried to design it so that it won’t have scroll bars on the side. Have I succeeded? Please do have a look and let me know, along with your screen resolution. Click here to go see The Mexile Panorama Photography.



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