Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to everyone, wherever they might be! Any good resolutions decided on yet? I have a few…well, some are just targets or goals.

  • I will, really, really will give up smoking. This time it’s for real!!! 🙂
  • To interview a famous Mexican on my blog. Just to be able to say I did it!
  • I will get to the top of that damned mountain, Itzaccihuatl.
  • I’m going to run the Mexico City marathon. Or maybe the half marathon. One or the other!
  • I’m going to seriously improve my Spanish this year! (Again…)
  • I shall buy myself a DSLR, at long last.
  • I’m going to start charging my students for their excess cancellations.

Seven. That’s enough I think. I’ll report back in a year and let you know how it all went!



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