DF:24 Photo Competition

A Mexico City magazine has a competition going for the city’s photographers. All of them….no professional qualifications required. The basic premise of the competition is simple. On the 29th May, go out and take photos of the city. They are looking for 24 photos, one for each hour of the day. So there will be 24 winners, with one lucky photographer getting their pic on the front cover and a prize of 3,000 pesos, whilst the other 23 get a free copy of the magazine with their name credited to their shot.

Each person can, in theory, enter a maximum of 24 photos each – assuming you’re dedicated enough to stay up for the full 24 hours and wander around snapping what you see. I like these sort of competitions. Ones where your entries can’t be dragged up from the archives, but encourage you to go out and find new things to shoot. I’m sure I will come up with at least a dozen entries…and I sure could do with the 3,000 pesos at the moment! Click here for the site and all the details.


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