Dig For Victory

I have come to the conclusion that if I had a family depending upon my ability to grow food for our survival…well, they wouldn’t survive. Not for long anyway. Amd although the UK’s World War II Dig For Victory campaign ended some decades ago, it is fair to say that the more of your food you can grow, during these troubled economic times, the better.

I have been giving it a go. Last autumn I threw a few tomato plant seeds in a pot, watched them grow for a couple of months, then gave up – winter arrived, sunlight failed to make it past the neighbours new extension, and growth abruptly stopped.

But the plant didn’t die, and come spring it shot up and sprouted a few small green bulbs. Which grew, turned red and made their way to our dinner table. One rather ragged and unhealthy looking plant managed to produce about 10 bite sized tomatoes. The other, bigger and greener plant sprung just one, but it was a biggy. And it has several more on the go as I type…


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