Rainy Season

Right on cue, the rains have come. No doubts about it, rainy season is here. The Jacaranda blooms are but memories for another year, and we have five or six months of daily rain showers to look forward to.

There are some plus points. Rain does freshen the air. A lot. And a good rainy season is desperately needed to replenish the reservoirs and lakes that supply the city’s drinking water.

But there are bad points too. Riding my bicycle isn’t as much fun in the rain. The satellite dish loses its signal in bigger downpours. And the poor turtles aren’t so fond of the rain. They have enough water already. They’d rather have a little sun. Here is dear Angus holding out, rather forlornly, in the hope the downpour might abate, the clouds part and the sun warm his shell…


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