I have a new item for my Memories Box – a tin of bits and bobs collected in Mexico that I will keep for….well, memory’s sake. There have been a few incidents that have outraged sections of the population north of the border. Recently by Memin stamps, featuring a black charicature that was totally misunderstood by the black community of the US. And also an Absolut Vodka advertisement campaign, which focuses on ‘an ideal’ world, using the map on the beer mats below as an example!

I picked a pair of these mats up yesterday at the Alvaro Obregon market, very near Ninos Heroes metro station. It’s a very cool street market. No fruit, veg and fake clothing here, although there are one or two stalls selling pirate music and DVDs. This market features art and antiques. Well, sort of antiques. Fancy picking up an Atari games console, the one with wooden trim, that introduced Space Invaders to the home telly? It’s here. Along with countless old cameras and all sorts of trinkets. Along with some nice cafes and restaurants along the street, this makes the market a very worthwhile Sunday afternoon out.


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