I came across this SoFoBoMo idea on another Mexico blog – make your own ebook. A photo ebook. I had a little time on my hands, so I thought I’d give it a go. And the result is….click here to see the book on SoFoBoMo, or here to see it displayed in a much nicer way on Issuu.


  • Your book is lovely and I love that you put in an effort with the story. I considered taking part in SoFoBoMo but did not want to undertake something I would not finish. Lucky really, considering how busy I was before I left!

    And, um, remember when you moved your blog over to WordPress a while back? And warned us to update our rss feeds? Well, I thought my feed was okay but it turns out it wasn't and I didn't notice at first because I feed all your other blogs too and didn't miss you. I'm ashamed to admit it but just thought I'd own up and say that my interesting and witty comments will be back on your blog once again!

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