Olden Days Mexico

A few years ago I read a good book by one Pepe Romero, entitled Mexican Jumping Bean, all about his exploits as a journalist/writer/fixer in 1950’s and ’60s Mexico. My frequent museum trips also give a look into the past of this fabulous city. Kahlo, Trotsky, Rivero and the many other famous folk from that era. The ’68 Olympics and the preceeding student massacre. If I could go back in time in this country, it’d been somewhere between 1950 and 1970.

But I can’t, sadly. I can only  look at relics. Use my imagination. And have a go at recreating something of that time myself. I’ve been using various filters to add an aged look to some of my photos for a few months. I’ve uploaded a few more today, including the one below of Belles Artes. I’d place that shot in the early ’70s I think! Click here to see the set on Flickr.



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