Missing: One Mexican Island

Last seen in 1921. If found please return to Mexico, by way of Presidente Calderon. Large reward offered. This is entirely serious. A fairly sizeable island in the Gulf of Mexico, recorded on hundreds of maps prior to 1922, hasn’t been seen in nearly 100 years. No one knows quite where it went. Isla Bermeja (or Vermeja) has been thoroughly searched for, but to no avail. Which is rather unfortunate, given its strategic importance in claiming oil reserves. Maybe even more unfortunate than losing Texas. And California. And the rest. This podcast has the lowdown.

There are lots of conspiracy theories as to what happened to it, including one that involves the CIA and the most enormous amount of dynamite. I have my own. It starts in November 1963, in Dallas. Conspiracy theorists think they know all about the ‘magic’ bullet, but in fact the real magic bullet missed Kennedy entirely and just kept going. And going. Till it got to the Bermuda Triangle, where it was mysteriously diverted in space and time, reappearing nearly 40 years later.

It then ricocheted off four jet airliners on September 11th 2001, causing all four to crash in a tragic accident, before flying out to sea and slamming into a small desert island, puncturing it and magically turning the island inside out. The bullet continued however, back through the Bermuda Triangle and emerging in the 1980’s, nearly killing JR Ewing. Bermeja is currently the set of a reality show, Lost. I hope this clears everything up for y’all.


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