Flickr Galleries

I wrote recently about Flickr and a wish list of features I have. Along with a major concern. And they were listening and responded! Sadly, they weren’t listening to me, nor did they put any of my suggestions into practise. Still, we are now blessed with Galleries. It’s been described as a sort of ‘Super Faves’.  You can add other users photos, a maximum of 18, to a gallery. I can see it has some potential, but I think its use is really pretty limited.

I’m going to use this post to complain that Flickr is not developing the site as quickly or professionally as I would personally like. In some areas they still lead the rest by a long way, but in too many areas they are lagging behind. Galleries does nothing to help them catch up. Of course, that didn’t stop me from creating a gallery of my own. With a little help from Idee Multicolr to pick out the right shades.


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