Mountains and Molehills

There are, admittedly, no molehills in this postcard. But there are mountains. Big ones. Volcanoes to be precise. The one on the left, Iztaccihuatl, is dormant. Extinct, even.  She is also known as La Mujer Dormida. The Sleeping Lady.  I climbed it last year. Almost to the top! I’m going to try again in a couple of months. The one on the right is far from dormant, and constantly spews ash. He is Iztas husband, Popocatapetl.

And yes, this postcard is yet another one bought for no other reason than to post on my blog, and then send via Mexico’s rather good postal system to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you want it, all you have to do is leave a comment in this blog post to claim it, and then send me the address to post it to. Use the Contact page of my blog for that.

If this card has already been claimed, there might still be another going begging on the Postcards page. At the time of writing, a pretty snazzy postcard of Coyoacan in the south of Mexico City is still up for grabs.


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