The Monument For Obregon

Just when you think you’ve seen everything there is too see, you stumble across something new. Not that I really think I have seen absolutely everything, although it’s fair to say that after four and half years in Mexico City I do an awful lot more revisiting than I do discovering.

But I was surprised to find this huge monument to Obregon hidden behind a load of trees in a park that I have gone past in cars and microbuses so many times. Today I was  wandering on foot, looking for a good shot for my 365 project, when I glimpsed what looked like a largish bit of concrete through the autumn leaves of the trees.  One should always investigate mysterious concrete when it looks a little out of place.

What I found was one huge monument. Assuming monument is the right word. You can go inside, and down a narrow staircase to a mysteriously empty underground chamber. More fun is the journey up a steep and narrow spiral staircase to the roof for a fairly unique view of the city. It’s surprisingly high up. I have this strange relationship with heights. I don’t like them. But neither can I resist the opportunity to look down on the world.

There’s a guy at the bottom who sells candles for 10 pesos so you can light your way up the staircase. At least that’s what he claims. He’s a big fat liar. He’s only renting you the candle for 10 pesos, and demands it back when you reappear through the small doorway having had your roof top fun. I didn’t complain though. Not too much anyway. The view was worth 10 pesos at least. There are more photos, and better ones, on my Flickr account. Click here to be magically transported across the interweb to see them.


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