The Valle Dorado Flood

Last month I blogged about the torrential rain that the Aztec gods were unleashing upon the city. At least I assume it was the Aztec gods. It may have just been an entirely natural affair, but boy did it come down. The north got it worst, not least one area of the city, where pipes burst, adding to the chaos. They were the pipes taking water and other material away from homes, not bringing it to them. So…not nice!

I have one class in the north of the city, and some of the employees of the company were affected. One of them was a chap who used to attend classes. The photos and video below came from him I believe. I’m not sure if he was the snapper/videographer, or whether it was a friend or relative of his. Whatever…the destruction was pretty stunning.


[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3650481&w=600&h=494&fv=]

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