The Alebrijes Parade

It’s fast becoming one of the big annual events of Mexico City, despite being only in its third year. The Alebrijes are Dream or Fantasy creatures, the origins of which can be learned about on the Wikipedia page. A lot of effort goes into making these huge, weird and slightly wonderful creations. Not so much effort, this year at least, went into making trolleys strong enough to transport them the full length of Reforma. Several times we heard loud bangs that turned out to be exploding tyres, not firecrackers as we first thought. Click here to see the photos.Alebrijes

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  • Emm

    Oh, what a beautiful explosion of colour! So pretty!

    • It was just a shame that the day had to be so cloudy!

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  • Don’t you find that 2009 was so much better than 2010 for the alebrijes? There was too much focus on revolution and Zapata this year…a lot less colorful.

    • It’s hard for me to say. I really did just catch the tail end. But from where I was, the impression I got was that it was bigger and better than ever, with tons more people.

      But then I was up nearer the Zocalo, whereas normally I’m on Reforma somewhere. When I saw your video I was pretty surprised that there weren’t more people about.

      • Yeah not too many people where I was parked, though I did pick the spot specifically for there being less people, so Stella could see. There were lots more just a block up at the Angel.

        I think that yes there more alebrijes this year…a few more anyway. Quality wasn’t as good though.

        I’m thinking I want to enter my own creation next year…the museo de arte popular offers workshops on designing and building them.

      • If I were going to be here next year, I’d join in! Making an Alebrije would be a load of fun.