Lucha Libre on Reforma

For this weeks Ciclothon, there was a Japanese flavoured treat on Reforma. Which included, rather bizarrely, a Lucha Libre contest. I’m still trying to figure out how this is Japanese. But what the hell. I like Lucha Libre. Ok, so they didn’t manage to get Mistico to turn up, but it was still a bit of fun.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4004285&w=600&h=345&]

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  • there was a total mix of Japanese and Mexican cultural stuff because the festival celebrated 400 years of friendship between mexico and japan…

  • Lucha libre is getting popular in japan. Form time to time they have international competitions with mexican, japanese and wrestlers from the united states.

    If i remember correctly. last time the japanese won, beaten the mexicans in mexico.

  • I often hear expatriates bemoaning the fact that outside influences are ruining Mexican culture. My experience is that Mexican culture can easily digest anything and meld it into the culture in a distinctly Mexican way. I recently had strawberry rollup pancakes in Puerto Vallarta marketed as “French crepes.” They came with chili powder and lime juice spread on top. And they were good.

    • Steve, I’m not 100% sure what you meant, but are you suggesting that masked wrestling from the US has influenced (for good or bad) Mexican culture? I just ask because Lucha Libre is the original….masked wrestling is a Mexican phenomenon that was exported to the US.

      I could have got you wrong of course. But I still know what you mean. Mexicans take many foreign elements and add them to their culture with a very Mexican twist all the time. Wal Mart excepted.

      Of course, that’s been happening for hundreds of years. Ever since the Spanish came at least.

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