I ran around the metro system for a day in 2007, climbed a big mountain in 2008, ran a half marathon in 2009. And now I’ve decided what I’m going to do for 2010, and it’s going to be far more sedentary! Although not necessarily a walk in the park. More of a walk along the road. A long road. Insurgentes to be precise. All 20 plus miles of it.  The purpose. Meh. Something to do. A day out with my camera. Oh, and of course, to raise money, once again, for Wildcoast, my favourite charity.

And bloggers of the world, I need your help! As with previous years I intend to raise money by running ads on the blog I’ve created especially for the event. To do that I need a good page rank, and to get that I need bloggers to write a post about my effort (just a few short words will do!) and include the code I’ve put on this page. When you publish your post, the code should look like normal links – Insurgentes Mexico City and Tours Mexico City.

Your post really does make a big difference, as I point out in the post over on the Insurgentes-athon blog. And help in previous years has helped me raise about US $600 so far. So feel free to encourage other bloggers you know to post about it too! Gracias a todo!

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