Burning Money On Ice

For the last few years the city government has installed a temporary ice rink in the Zocalo, which has always been a little controversial. For a city with no money to spend, but a program of going green, the expense of maintaining a frozen sheet of ice in a warm city square is neither cheap nor green. But I have to say it is always popular – the queues of people waiting their turn are incredible.

This year, there are not one, nor two, but three ice rinks. A large one, a kids one and a go kart type one. But it hasn’t had the controversy this year. The huge Christmas Tree on Reforma has hogged the limelight as far as extravagant expense is concerned. Personally, I’d like to know the cost of each to the city. I suspect the expense of putting up the tree was contributed to substantially, perhaps even wholly, by Pepsi. The ice rink? That must cost more, and I don’t see quite such blatant sponsorship attached to it. Does anyone know where the figures are? Or is this another case of the city finances being as transparent as the ice the citizens are skating on….?

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