Museo Nacional de Arte

The Museo Nacional de Arte, more commonly (and easily) known as the Munal, is one of the grandest museums in the city, holding many of the best art treasures kept on permanent display. The building itself is a fabulous example of neoclassical architecture and worth a visit even if art isn’t really up your street. For mountain climbers, there are quite a number of paintings by the likes of Velasco of Izta and Popo. It’s free on Sundays, although they’ll take 5 pesos off you if you want to take photos. I keep meaning to go into the San Ildefonso and buy myself an annual membership card for about 200 pesos which’ll get me into several of the my favourite museums, including this one. No photos today. I created a video instead.

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  • Thanks to you both. I am hoping to get a new camera soon which has much better video capabilities. But perhaps most importantly I’m going to get a monopod to keep things a bit more stable!

    I like Vimeo hosting too, but I’m just not sure I want to go the $60 Pro way when it can be done elsewhere for free. We’ll have to see…

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