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      • The American Revolution worked out just fine. We booted you Brits back where you came from, and things started working just great in our country, with the occasional ups and downs that had nothing to do with the revolution. And then you louts became our best international buddies. I think we did a revolution like one should do a revolution. People should get revolution instructions from Americans.

        But you are right in that most revolutions are messes that resolve little.

      • Who knows, se├▒or, who knows. Had you not had your revolution, then there are a multitude of directions the US could have taken. Perhaps each state would have been given dominion status as Canada later was, and although you’d still be singing God Save The Queen, there’d be no federal entity that so many people seem to despise. Think of how that could have shaped the world…for better and worse.

        Of course, it can be argued that the concept of the dominion status given to Canada and others was as a direct result of the US revolution. Mights and possibilities are pointless but fun!

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